Tell your part of the story!

Growing with God: A daily devotion with Tonia Slimm.

1 John 5:11 (NIV)
And this is the testimony: God has given us eternal life, and this life is in his Son.

1 John 5:11 (MSG)
This is the testimony in essence: God gave us eternal life; the life is in his Son.
“And the testimony is this: God has given us eternal life [we already possess it], and this life is in His Son [resulting in our spiritual completeness, and eternal companionship with Him].” -AMPLIFIED

We have established the fact that history is actually His-story; God’s biography. I want us to understand though that we have an integral part in this story also. God created us with a purpose and a plan. We are import to Him and to His-story. In fact, each and every one of us who is a child of God has a testimony or story to share. Every person’s will be different, but everyone’s is important and has a purpose.

“The truth that transformed your life is waiting to transform the lives of others. It’s easy to downplay one’s testimony when comparing it to the riveting testimonies of others, but the truth is that each testimony has power. Your story may reach people in a way no one else’s can…Don’t wait to share your story. Your life has been transformed. Celebrate and share your story today.” -Dr. David Jeremiah (Quest)

What is our story? It is this; we have forgiveness of sin and eternal life through the gift of God’s Son, Jesus. The old children’s church song expresses it so well; “Good News! Good News! Christ died for me. Good News! Good News! If I believe, Good News! Good News! I’m saved eternally. That’s wonderful; EXTRA Good News!”

The question we must ask ourselves is: have we been sharing our story with others? Each of our stories is different and others will relate to different stories in different ways. My story may touch certain people that your story may not, and vice versa. What is important to remember is that each of our testimonies points back to His-story.

Every trial, every failure on our part should include a story or testimony of how God brought us through, picked us up, forgave us, provided for us and delivered us. We have a story that we should be telling; a story that will bring glory and honor to our King. Question is; are we sharing those testimonies and stories or are we keeping them to ourselves? Sharing with others the wonderful things that God is doing in and through our lives is of utmost importance!

So, what is your story? It may not be written in the annals of time for all mankind to ponder and learn from, but it is important for each of us to share it. Someone can be reached, a heart can be touched and changed, by what God has done in personally in your life. Each of us can make a difference. Take time today to share with someone what God has done for you.

My Prayer:
Lord, help me to be a story teller for you; to share the Good News of what you have done in and through my life. Help me to never fear what others will think; for that does not really matter. Each child of God has a past, present and a future and you are working in every part. Help me to boldly tell of the blessings and wonderful works that you are doing for me. Let me touch someone’s life for you today. God, you are so good!