Growing With God

Growing with God is a daily devotion written to encourage and inspire others to grow in their faith and trust in God.  Each of us has been called to become more like Jesus; we have also been commanded to bear good fruit. In the book of Matthew we are reminded by Jesus, “By their fruit you will recognize them.” Growing can often entail hard work, pain, pruning and a whole lot of tender, loving care. God is willing to work with us if we will allow Him to work in us. My prayer is that you will find these devotions helpful and encouraging. May you be blessed as you grow with God.


Rev. Tonia Slimm

4 thoughts on “Growing With God

  1. From this text it looks like Jesus and God are intermingled. Let us never forget that the Nazarene man of flesh and blood, who was seen by many, did grow up learning everything, got tempted more than once, was bullied, tortured and even killed, giving himself as a ransom for all, not doing his own will bu doing the will of his heavenly Father, the Only One True God, Who cannot be seen by man, cannot be tempted, has no beginning (no birth) and no end (does not know death) and knows everything, whilst His only begotten beloved son did not know a lot of things, even not when he would come back or when the end times would come.

    Jesus is the way to God and the most appropriate master teacher who can guide us to salvation and the light of the world.

    We do hope you my find inspiration in the Scriptures and by keeping to the infallible Words of God you may be able to pull people to come to know more of the Most High Elohim, Jehovah the Only One True God.

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  2. Thank you for this wisdom about this page 📃. I believe my God will bring joy of my current status right now, I’ve been recently depressed and had anxiety. May God bless me of my journey on keeping this site a source of food within my spiritual life. Had a good day 😊

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