God Defends the Innocent

Growing with God: A daily devotional with Tonia Slimm.

1 Samuel 26:17-20 (NIV)
Saul recognized David’s voice and said, “Is that your voice, David my son?” David replied, “Yes it is, my lord the king.” And he added, “Why is my lord pursuing his servant? What have I done, and what wrong am I guilty of? Now let my lord the king listen to his servant’s words. If the Lord has incited you against me, then may he accept an offering. If, however, people have done it, may they be cursed before the Lord! They have driven me today from my share in the Lord’s inheritance and have said, ‘Go, serve other gods.’ Now do not let my blood fall to the ground far from the presence of the Lord. The king of Israel has come out to look for a flea—as one hunts a partridge in the mountains.”

1 Samuel 26:17-20 (MSG)
By now, Saul had recognized David’s voice and said, “Is that you, my son David?” David said, “Yes, it’s me, O King, my master. Why are you after me, hunting me down? What have I done? What crime have I committed? Oh, my master, my king, listen to this from your servant: If God has stirred you up against me, then I gladly offer my life as a sacrifice. But if it’s men who have done it, let them be banished from God’s presence! They’ve expelled me from my rightful place in God’s heritage, sneering, ‘Out of here! Go get a job with some other god!’ But you’re not getting rid of me that easily; you’ll not separate me from God in life or death. The absurdity! The king of Israel obsessed with a single flea! Hunting me down—a mere partridge—out in the hills!”
“Then Saul recognized David’s voice and said, “Is this your voice, my son David?” And David said, “It is my voice, my lord the king!” And David said, “Why is my lord pursuing his servant? For what have I done? Or what evil is in my hand? Now therefore, please let my lord the king hear the words of his servant. If the Lord has incited you against me, let Him accept an offering [from me]; but if it is men, may they be cursed before the Lord, because they have driven me out this day to keep me from sharing in the inheritance of the Lord, saying, ‘Go, serve other gods.’ Now then, do not let my blood fall to the ground away from the presence of the Lord; for the king of Israel has come out to search for a single flea, just as when one hunts a [defenseless] partridge in the mountains.” -AMPLIFIED

David and Abishai have crept out of Saul’s camp after taking both Saul’s spear and his water bottle as proof that they had actually been there within the camp. David crosses over and climbs to the top of a near-by mountain. There he calls out to Saul and his men; in particular Abner, Saul’s body-guard. David called out to Abner, “What kind of man are you? Is anyone your equal in all Israel? So why haven’t you done a better job guarding your lord and master, the anointed king? After all, one of the people who crept into your camp tonight could have murdered your lord. This is not a good thing that you have done, because you failed to protect your lord, the anointed of the Eternal. As the Eternal One lives, you deserve to die. Where is his spear? Where is the water jug that was at his head?” -1 Samuel 26:15-16 (VOICE)

Saul hears David’s voice and once again realizes that David has the upper hand. “David, is that you, my son?” Now notice what David’s answer is to Saul, “Yes, my lord, it is I. Why do you continue to obsess and search for me like a single flee? Why do you hunt for me like a poor defenseless partridge in the mountains?”

What had David done to the king except try to please and defend him. Yet, we find that the king continues to hunt him down. David calls out these words to Saul, “See what I have here? The king’s spear. Let one of your servants come and get it. It’s God’s business to decide what to do with each of us in regard to what’s right and who’s loyal. God put your life in my hands today, but I wasn’t willing to lift a finger against God’s anointed. Just as I honored your life today, may God honor my life and rescue me from all trouble.” -1 Samuel 26:22-24 (MSG)

“There is a message here to those, like Saul and his men, who wrongly accused David. God defends His own. There is no way that God’s anointed can be removed before God’s time. This was true of Saul; it was also true of David. God defends the innocent, and He will bring about justice for the afflicted. In this brief period of time, God turned the tables on the enemies of David. It was not David who was in grave danger, but those who opposed him. Let the enemies of God’s chosen ones take note, and let His chosen ones take courage.” -Rev. Robert L. Deffinbaugh

There are many Scriptures that bring across the truth that God is indeed the Defender of the innocent:

* “God calls the judges into his courtroom,
he puts all the judges in the dock.
“Enough! You’ve corrupted justice long enough,
you’ve let the wicked get away with murder.
You’re here to defend the defenseless,
to make sure that underdogs get a fair break;
Your job is to stand up for the powerless,
and prosecute all those who exploit them.” -Psalm 82:1-4 (MSG)

* “The Lord is my strong defender;
he is the one who has saved me.
He is my God, and I will praise him,
my father’s God, and I will sing about his greatness.” -Exodus 15:2(GNT)

* “The Lord is your mighty defender,
perfect and just in all his ways;
Your God is faithful and true;
he does what is right and fair.” -Deuteronomy 32:4 (GNT)

* “For He will command His angels in regard to you,
To protect and defend and guard you in all your ways [of obedience and service]. -Psalm 91:11 (AMP)

My Prayer:
Lord, thank you that you are always there leading, guiding and protecting me. It brings me comfort in knowing that I can always count on you; especially when I need someone to run to and find safety. You are my Mighty Defender. You are my strong tower. I know that I can run to you at any time and be safe. Thank you, God, for always being faithful and true. I know I can trust in you.


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