The Battle is the Lord’s!

Growing with God: A daily devotional with Tonia Slimm.

Joshua 6:10 (NIV)
But Joshua had commanded the army, “Do not give a war cry, do not raise your voices, do not say a word until the day I tell you to shout. Then shout!”

Joshua 6:10(MSG)
Joshua had given orders to the people, “Don’t shout. In fact, don’t even speak—not so much as a whisper until you hear me say, ‘Shout!’—then shout away!”
“But Joshua commanded the people, “You shall not shout [the battle cry] nor let your voice be heard nor let a word come out of your mouth, until the day I tell you to shout. Then you shall shout!” -AMPLIFIED

Have you ever truly pondered how the battle of Jericho was fought? Yesterday we touched on some of the highlights. Today I want us to really look at what was entailed in the conquering of the city of Jericho.

Six days the people of Israel marched around the city. They did it exactly in the order that God had instructed them to do so; the armed guard led the way. Then, seven priests followed; carrying trumpets made from rams horns and blowing them. Behind the priests came the priests who carried the Ark of the Covenant of God. Finally the rear guard followed the ark.

This great mass of humanity was to march around the city without making any sound; except for the blowing of the rams horns. It has been estimated that there were between 40,000-60,000 men involved in this march. Imagine trying to keep that many people silent to march around an entire city.

God, Himself, was going to fight this battle for the people of Israel. He was going to prove Himself once again, not only to the people of Israel, but to all the people of Canaan. Who would ever imagine that a city could be conquered by marching around it and blowing trumpets?

As was mentioned yesterday, day seven was a bit different. On the first six days this mass of men only marched around the city once each day. On day seven they were to march around it seven times. Six laps were made in silence, but for the blasting of the horns. The seventh time around though Joshua told the people beforehand that they were to shout when the horns were blasted. “For the Eternal One has given you the city!” -(VOICE) Notice something: Joshua said God has given you the city; not God will give you the city. The deed had already been done. The battle was over and the victory was theirs.

The seventh time around on that seventh day we find this happening: “Then the people shouted, and the trumpets blasted. The noise of the voices and trumpets rose higher and higher, and the thick walls of Jericho collapsed, just as God had promised. When the wall fell before them, they rushed straight ahead and took the city…” -Joshua 6:20 (VOICE)

Dr. David Jeremiah shares these thoughts on this passage:
“The world is not used to seeing God’s people act unexpectedly. So when the armies of Israel marched around Jericho for six days, and on the seventh day blew their celebratory trumpets and gave a shout of victory, they likely didn’t know what to think. Israel rushed over the collapsed walls and took the city. The same thing happened when Gideon used torches, pitchers, and trumpets to completely confuse his enemies. The armies were thrown into confusion and fled the scene…Satan is the author of fear. When God’s people are courageous instead of fearful, their enemies-spiritual or human- are confused. Trumpets and shouts of praise are signs of victory of faith!”

Hallelujah! For the battle is the Lord’s! He will accomplish what needs to be done. And He will do it in His way; which is the most perfect way. We must remember this most important truth; the battle we fight is not of this World, it is a spiritual battle. It is not against flesh and blood, but against the spirit World and its spiritual darkness. We have an Enemy that is roaming around seeking whom he may devour. Be careful!

The Apostle Paul warns us: “For though we walk in the world, we do not fight according to this world’s rules of warfare. The weapons of the war we’re fighting are not of this world but are powered by God and effective at tearing down the strongholds erected against His truth. We are demolishing arguments and ideas, every high-and-mighty philosophy that pits itself against the knowledge of the one true God. We are taking prisoners of every thought, every emotion, and subduing them into obedience to the Anointed One. As soon as you choose obedience, we stand ready to punish every act of disobedience.”                     -2 Corinthians 10:3-6 (VOICE)

Do not be afraid of the spiritual battle that we all are involved in; for the battle is the Lord’s. He may ask you to fight the battle in unusual ways; just as He did with the children of Israel. You can trust Him; for the battle is already won! We know the end of His-story, He will be victorious. Step out in courage and obedience; allow God to use you in His way. He may ask you to do something unexpected; don’t worry, it will may be in order to confuse the Enemy. March right out there in obedience and give that Enemy a black eye.

My Prayer:

Lord, help me to trust you in every instance. I know that you have already won the victory! I have read the end of the book and you are the Champion! Instill within me the boldness and courage I need to continue to fight this spiritual battle. Help me not to be afraid when you ask me to fight in unusual and unexpected ways, but instead help me to trust you completely. Fill me with your chutzpah! You are the Champion!


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