Obedient and Faithful Till the Job is Done

Growing with God: A daily devotional with Tonia Slimm.

Exodus 40:1-2 (NIV)
Then the Lord said to Moses: “Set up the tabernacle, the tent of meeting, on the first day of the first month.

Exodus 40:1-3 (MSG)
God spoke to Moses: “On the first day of the first month, set up The Dwelling, the Tent of Meeting.
“Then the Lord spoke to Moses, saying, “On the first day of the first month (Abib) you shall set up the tabernacle of the Tent of Meeting [of God with you].” -AMPLIFIED

The building of the Tabernacle has been complete. All the panels of the tent have been made. Each article of furniture that was to be put in it has been built. All the priestly robes have been fashioned after God’s instructions. All is ready and so the Lord tells Moses, “On the first day of the first month, Abib, set up the Tabernacle.”

Everything that the people had been so faithfully working for, all the pieces, are now ready to be put together as a whole. God gives His Divine directions in setting up His Dwelling to Moses step-by-step in Exodus 40 in exactly the manner and sequence in which he is to set up the Dwelling Place of the Most High God.
1.) Place the Chest of The Testimony in it and screen the Chest with the curtain.
2.) Bring in the Table and set it, arranging its Lampstand and lamps.
3.) Place the Gold Altar of Incense before the Chest of The Testimony and hang the curtain at the door of The Dwelling.
4.) Place the Altar of Whole-Burnt-Offering at the door of The Dwelling, the Tent of Meeting.
5.) Place the Washbasin between the Tent of Meeting and the Altar and fill it with water.
6.) Set up the Courtyard on all sides and hang the curtain at the entrance to the Courtyard.

Once the whole Tabernacle was put together Moses was to take the anointing oil that God had directed him to make and he was to anoint the Dwelling and everything in it. This was done in order to consecrate and make holy everything.

Finally, Aaron and his sons were brought forward to the entrance of the Tabernacle and washed before the people. They were dressed in their priestly garments and then anointed with the same anointing oil used above. This was all done in order to consecrate them for God’s service. God told Moses it was, “…so that they may serve as priests to Me; and their anointing shall qualify them for an everlasting priesthood throughout their generations.” -Exodus 40:15 (AMP)

We are then told that Moses did exactly as God commanded him to do. Exodus 40:17-32 tells us over and over again, “…just as God had commanded Moses.” And then we are told, “Moses finished the work.” -Exodus 40:33b (MSG)

The final verses of Exodus tell us of how God’s indwelling of the Tabernacle happened. They also share with us how the Israelites obediently followed the directive of God by following the Cloud when it moved or patiently waiting when it did not move. “Then the cloud [the Shekinah, God’s visible, dwelling presence] covered the Tent of Meeting, and the glory and brilliance of the Lord filled the tabernacle. Moses was not able to enter the Tent of Meeting because the cloud remained on it, and the glory and brilliance of the Lord filled the tabernacle. In all their journeys, whenever the cloud was taken up from over the tabernacle, the Israelites would set out; but if the cloud was not taken up, then they did not journey on until the day when it was taken up. For throughout all their journeys, the cloud of the Lord was on the tabernacle by day, and there was fire in it by night, in the sight of all the house of Israel.” -Exodus 40:34-38 (AMP)

We too have the need to do just as God has commanded us and to also finish the work that God has set us to do.

My Prayer:
Lord, You have set me on this journey of life. You have called me to live my life in a righteous and holy manner. This is in order to bring glory to your name. Help me to do just that. Help me to be like Moses and do, “Just as God had commanded.” One day I will stand before your throne and I hope to hear those words, “Well done; my good and faithful servant.” Help me to remain faithful to you; even to the very end!


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