Respect the Office

Growing with God: A daily devotional with Tonia Slimm.

Exodus 28:40-41 (NIV)
Make tunics, sashes and caps for Aaron’s sons to give them dignity and honor. After you put these clothes on your brother Aaron and his sons, anoint and ordain them. Consecrate them so they may serve me as priests.

Exodus 28:40-41 (MSG)
Make tunics, sashes, and hats for Aaron’s sons to express glory and beauty. Dress your brother Aaron and his sons in them. Anoint, ordain, and consecrate them to serve me as priests.
“For Aaron’s sons you shall make tunics and sashes and [ornamental] caps, for glory and honor and beauty. You shall put the various articles of clothing on Aaron your brother and on his sons with him, and shall anoint them and ordain and sanctify them, so that they may serve Me as priests.” -AMPLIFIED

Today we will finish looking at the garments that Moses was to make for the priests and the high priest; which were Aaron his brother and his sons. There are four main categories of garments left to look at: the head gear, the tunic, the sashes and the undergarments.

It is important for us to remember that these garments were particular to the priests and high priest because they lent dignity and honor to their station. It brought them the respect they would need in order to do their job. This point was brought about in verse 28:2, “Make sacred garments for your brother Aaron to give him dignity and honor.” and it is reiterated again here in verses 40 and 41, “As for the rest of Aaron’s sons, make tunics, sashes, and special caps to reflect the glory and beauty of their office. When they serve as priests, dress Aaron, your brother, and his sons in these ceremonial garments; anoint them, ordain them, and consecrate them.” -(VOICE)

The turban for Aaron was a headpiece that was uniquely for him alone. This turban was to be woven of fine linen and a gold plate or medallion was to be made to attach to the front of it, along the rim. The medallion was to be engraved with the words, “Holy to Jehovah” or “Holy to the Lord”. This medallion was to be attached to the turban with blue cord and it was placed there to proclaim to all of Israel that one must be holy in order to serve the Lord.

The tunics also were to be woven of fine, white linen. This garment was basically an undershirt worn under the blue robe. It was also on one piece garment without seams; just as the robe was. This tunic extended from the neck to the toes and wrists. Its purpose was to modestly cover the entire body.

The sashes for the priests were to be the work of an embroiderer. Exodus 39:29 tells us, “They also made the sash out of finely woven linen and embroidered it with the blue, purple, and scarlet thread. They did all this exactly as the Eternal One instructed Moses.” -(VOICE) The symbolism of this sash, from Jewish tradition, was believed to be: the willingness to always be ready, waiting and in a state of humility to serve Jehovah.

Lastly, we look at the undergarments. God told Moses, “You shall make for them [white] linen undergarments to cover their bare flesh, reaching from the waist to the thighs.” -(AMP) These undergarments were once again a symbol of modesty before the Lord. These were to be a loosely fitting pair of pants to cover their nakedness before God.

All the garments that the priest had to wear were purposely directed and designed for them by the Lord. They were to be worn to demonstrate that they had been set aside for God’s work; and they were to bring respect, honor and dignity to their office. Once Aaron and his sons were outfitted in these garments God had Moses publicly anoint, ordain and consecrate them before the people. This was to confirm that they held this office before God and man; respect was due to the service that they did before the Lord.

My Prayer:
Lord, you have called certain ones to be in authority over me. Help me to give to them the respect, honor and dignity that they are due. My spiritual leaders may not wear all the fancy clothes that the priests once did, but you have placed them over me to lead, guide, and love me. Let me be a blessing to them; as they have blessed me. Remind me to prayerfully take them to the throne of grace; for they have a very difficult job. Thank you for placing these spiritual leaders in my life, Lord. As they serve you and their flock give them wisdom to lead, I pray.


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